Monday, 12 October 2009

The pressure put on children

Its Monday, and already Thomas is tired for the new week at school, he had a busy weekend, rushing off to cubs outing, then homework and reading, i just feel that they work the children too hard, at nine years old, reading every night, which in my view takes the enjoyment out of it, homework (maths) twice a week and spellings home work, poor lamb is exhausted by Thursday x!! life isn't about studying all the time surely, where's the fun ? i try to make weekends as chilled as possible but i am starting to feel the pressure of not doing enough with him.!!


  1. My thoughts exactly! I never remember having so much homework etc when I was young, we were allowed to play and be children. And they then moan that kids grow up too quickly gggrrr.

  2. Hi I have to say I agree, my girls were both home educated till my eldest wanted to try school two years ago, this september she'll be moving up into yr 6 and I am seriously thinking of pulling her out so she doesnot have to experience the stress of preparing for SATs, which are not for her benifit but for school pass mark in league tables etc.

    My idea is since its not for her then she won't be missing nothing, will she?!?!?!