Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Headless Chickens !

I marvel at the way everyone is running around like headless chickens about the climate change now , while the rest of us sit back and say "we told you so"

If you could take five seconds to have a read of this xxx

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Role models

This is what our young girls aspire to be these days and it's disgusting isn't it! how can that be a role model for young girls? at what point did that become beautiful? and that is a fairly old picture too i believe she looks a lot worse now !It's a shame that this is plastered all over magazines as the perfect way to look x

Monday, 12 October 2009

The pressure put on children

Its Monday, and already Thomas is tired for the new week at school, he had a busy weekend, rushing off to cubs outing, then homework and reading, i just feel that they work the children too hard, at nine years old, reading every night, which in my view takes the enjoyment out of it, homework (maths) twice a week and spellings home work, poor lamb is exhausted by Thursday x!! life isn't about studying all the time surely, where's the fun ? i try to make weekends as chilled as possible but i am starting to feel the pressure of not doing enough with him.!!

Friday, 18 September 2009

ill already !

Thomas has been back to school for two weeks an already he is run down and ill, its not fair is it poor thing xx

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

i don't understand !!

I have been on facebook this morning, and have lost count of the amount of parents saying, "the kids are driving me mad "i can't wait for school to start" " I hate the summer hols" !!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE !!!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

In the old days ..

When you had an operation you were kept in hospital for a week , convalescing , sorting out your pain relief , eating grapes !! thus ensuring that you went home rested and knowledgeable on your condition, nowadays your whacked into surgery the deed is done, you are then forced up out of bed and pushed to tick the boxes and sent home with a bag of medication, thus resulting in two bewildered parents who cant get reu to swallow(even his own spit) medication and food, he is awake all night screaming in pain and we are not parents any more but the husks of parents !!We ring the ward , they say ,your doing all the right things but if he is too ill its a matter for A and E we cease to be their problem, they have done their job !! Mad !!

Saturday, 18 July 2009


One thing that gets my goat is unreliability and rather than turn this into a slanging match about the uselessness of ex partners !! i will just say that i have now rearranged for Thomas to go to a friends after school on Monday whilst we are in hospital with Reu , fed up of being let down i decided i wouldn't bother and told the person in question that he was going elsewhere ! i need to know that he will be in a place of security with people who have a memory !! Deep cleansing breaths xxx

Monday, 13 July 2009

The Great Washing Machine debate ..

My washing machine has died, the man came today, took one look and said, it'll cost 200 quid to fix, you may as well get a new one, which obviously launched me into a discussion on the ever growing mountain of white goods etc ... He then turned into some sort of spokes man for government failings and manufacturers of appliances , it went on for half an hour, i basically paid him 15 pounds for a lecture !!!Although the idea of hand washing and washboards and soap sounds very appealing to me (and i mean very) it's just not practical so we are going to have to get a new one and that actually fills me with guilt, and that i why i started this extra blog, i actually feel guilty about harming the environment, I really do xx


With all the busy mummy stuff on my other blog i felt it necessary to have my own private blog where i can share my daily thoughts and ramblings a bit of a thinking space so to speak , sometimes it will be peaceful thoughts , sometimes not so peaceful and some times a bit ranty !! I have always felt that my thoughts on life were different to everyone else and that my family seem to think I'm a bit of an oddball, but since joining the green parent forum last year i realise I'm not the only one, we are all like minded people x Please feel welcome to join me on this journey xxxx