Saturday, 21 November 2009

Role models

This is what our young girls aspire to be these days and it's disgusting isn't it! how can that be a role model for young girls? at what point did that become beautiful? and that is a fairly old picture too i believe she looks a lot worse now !It's a shame that this is plastered all over magazines as the perfect way to look x


  1. I agree!!! I was just saying that you used to be able to tell the differnce betwn a whore and a every female is supposed to look like one and act like one too, acording to mainstream media that is. It is sad and discouraging. We must keep talking to our daughters and sons and inspiring a new thought of beauty and appreciation of diveristy in its' definition.
    Blessings to you,

  2. The Suffragettes would be ashamed. I know I am as a woman.

    I am also disgusted at what is encouraged these days and 'what' is deemed to be 'a role model'. Dismayed at beautiful young girls dreams to became a 'wag' Why?!